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no you need to go to frostvail and click battle monsters.thats the most common

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Q: On battleon do you need to click somewhere at the crossroads to get a piece to the blade of awe?
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Where do you get stonewit on battleon?

1 Go to the Crossroads. To get there click on the "Travel Map" button in town and click on the "Crossroads" marker on the map.2 Click the sign that says "Somewhere?" to start a random quest. This quest is just a string of eight fights in a row. The difficulty of these fights does vary based on the skills and equipment of the player. A properly equipped level-30+ character should not have much difficulty completing all of the fights.3 Defeat all eight opponents to find a treasure chest. There is a 10 percent chance that this chest is a "Rare Treasure Chest" that contains a piece of the Blade of Awe.4 Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you find the stonewrit, handle, guard, blade and runes for the Blade of Awe.5 Talk to Valencia in private. She can be found in Battleon, the town you start in, outside the Inn. Click "Visit Grumbugly" from her speech options.6 Click "Awe Weapons." She forges the pieces together and replaces the default Guardian account weapon with the Blade of Awe.

Where are the stat trainers in Battleon?

You have to click on Twilly in Battleon and then click 'Hello'. It will say 'visit stat trainers' somewhere at the top.

How do you get blade of awe in AQWorlds?

Type /join museum and talk to Valencia (the girl with purple hair) then click 'Blade of Awe' then 'To Crossroads'. Talk to her again and click 'Awe Quests' then do the quests.

How do you get the frostus rectar on aq worlds?

You go to Yuglar's Inn in Battleon. Click on the exclaimation point above Yuglar's head and click on the Suggestion Shop. The Frostus Rectar is somewhere in that shop.

How do you get under battleon?

click on twilly than behind him is a hole than click that.

Is the blade of awe guardian only in AQ?

Yes. IMPROVEMENT: Yes. However you can still collect the pieces as a normal free user, and choose to buy a guardianship later on. You will have the pieces, and won't have to worry about finding the blade when you do gain guardianship. I have the blade, and did this. Some places you can find it are: Crossroads -> Somewhere. Granemore -> Haunted house (you might have to beat it a few times.) Rip in the Sky -> Library -> Click on floor panel. hope i helped

Where is the farm on adventure quest?

Click on the map, then click on Battleon .It should be on the top right.

Where is Twilly on adventure quest?

He is in Battleon. To go there, click your map and theres a button that says "Battleon." Also, he's at the startup screen.

Where can you do the zard quest on battleon?

Click on the little orange guy then click hello then click FROGZARD HUNTER then do quest 1

How do you go back to battleon in adventure quest?

just click the map

How do you get the stonewrit on adventure quest?

You need to find the "Rare Treasure Chest" multiple times. It is very rare, and very difficult to get. It is also pointless to attempt to get UNLESS you have Guardianship, or X-Guardianship.The stonewrit itself can be found like any other piece of the blade of awe. Random Adventure in Battleon.(The BIG BATTLE button in the bottom right corner in battleon) After 3 consecutive battles in new granemor.(It just says granemor on the map) Or at the crossroads on the map, go to somewhere(I dont know if it works if you click one of the other signs) They SAY that random adventure is a 6% chance, i just got the stonewrit from random adventure it caught me off guard even though i'd been searching for days. They SAY its 33% for Haunted house and 25% for somewhere, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY not true UNLESS it does not apply to the stonewrit, because i did the haunted house about 11 times and i did somewhere around 36 times and didnt get anything.

Where are the crossroads on adventure quest?

Click travel map, youll see it when your in battleon, then when you see the map, you should see cross roads right away if your not a guardian talk to the girl on the right of town. click visit grumbly then click travel pass go to warlicks click explore shop put Magma Leaf + Slattwob Dust + Bad Juice then go back click travel pass then there you go