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piper in fact named her second son chris, but he got the last name "Halliwell" as opposed to "Perry" ~Vanessa says~ In truth, Pipers second son is named Chris because that was Leo's fathers name they say so in sesion 5... Yes, it's true Christopher got his first name from his paternal grandfather, Christopher Wyatt, and I'm not sure but I'm assuming Chris has Perry as his middle name because it follows the P tradition in the Halliwell family.

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Q: On Charmed why does Piper name her second son Chris Perry?
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Who is chris perry halliwell in charmed?

Piper's youngest son.

How many children did Piper Halliwell have on Charmed?

Piper had 3 children, Wyatt Mathew, Chris Perry, and Pruedence Melinda.

Who is baby chris in charmed?

Baby Chris is Piper's second son also guy who came back from the future is in "Oh My Goddess!

On Charmed which episode does Chris reveal to Leo and Piper that he's their second son?

He only tells Phoebe and Paige. Phoebe and Paige tell it to Piper. Leo finds out from Phoebe.

On Charmed which episode does Chris reveal to Leo and Piper that he's their second son and it's not The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell only Phoebe finds out in that episode?

Piper finds out in 6x16 and Leo in 6x18

What is piper's son's name in charmed?

Piper and Leo have two sons - older Wyatt Matthew Halliwell and younger Christopher Perry Halliwell.

When do phoebe and paige find out about chris charmed?

When Chris tells them Leo and Piper have to conceive him before his birthday or he won't exist.

Is Piper from charmed Rachel from glee?

Piper is from Charmed, and Rachel is from Glee.

What is the name of Piper's club on Charmed?

Piper's club on Charmed is called P3.

Was Holly Marie combs pregnant at the same time as being pregnant in charmed?

When Piper was pregnant with Wyatt she was not pregnant but her second son Chris had to be written into the story as she was pregnant at the time

In charmed when does Chris tell Piper he's her son?

Season 6 Episode 16 The Courtship Of Wyatt's Father.

Who has a baby in charmed?