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have you taken a pregnancy test ? if not , u should. if so,and that's ruled out then it could be a number of things, as simple as nothing but other than not sure

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Q: Normally i have a heavy period but this time it is really light. why?
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Why is your period really light?

yah what about it sometimes you have a heavy flow and sometimes you have a light flow

What is light at night and heavy in the morning?

Your period

Heavy Period Changed to Light Period?

we need more detail

Is it bad if you have a heavy period on one month and a light one the next month?

No it is not bad, as some ladies have a heavy period for one month and then a light one or they may have two heavy periods and then one light one also.

Is it good for your period to be light?

it can be light or heavy. everyone is different. it is perfectly fine. :)

What does it mean when you have a very lite period?

it just means that you have a light period. you'll have your heavy days and your light days =)

I had protected sex 3 nights in a row the first being 6 days before your period you then had a heavy heavy 3 day period and 2 very light days after that could i be pregnant?

No, as long as you are positive you were protected you are fine. Your period has the tendency to flucuate the way it wants. A period can last anywhere from 2-10 days..normally.

I was supposed to start my period on the 7.1.09 which i did but it was very light. the second day it was like a consistent red blood but not as heavy as usual. Is this my period or implantation bleedi?

Implantation bleeding is normally just light spotting but many women vary. It could be implantation bleeding but sounds more like a light period to me expecially if your last period was heavy. Take a home pregnancy test 2 days after your period would have been due if indeed you are pregnant you should get an accurate result by then. hope this helps

What is it mean if your period started light and brownish the first day but then got really heavy and red with clots?

This is completely normal, don't worry about a thing.

Cramping after Light Period sign of Pregnancy?

No. Some are heavy and some are light. Sounds normal.

If im not having your period for 2 to 3 months what is wrong with you?

nothin this is completely normal=in a lil while u r goin to have a really heavy or very light period though==good luck=

What if you have a very light period is something wrong?

No, nothing is wrong. Some periods are light and some heavy.