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49 years old

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Q: Most sexually active age for women?
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What age do most people start becoming sexually active?

In most places, the age of consent is 16

What percentage of women are sexually active at age 65?

Around 60-70% of women aged 60-69 are sexually active, but this number can vary based on various factors such as health, relationship status, and personal preferences.

What is the oldest age women most sexually active?

There is no specific age when women are most sexually active, as individuals have varying levels of sexual activity throughout their lives. Factors such as overall health, relationship status, and personal preferences play a significant role in determining sexual activity levels at any age. It is important to prioritize communication, consent, and mutual respect in sexual relationships at any stage of life.

Are STDs most common in people over 30?

STD are common in people who are sexually active... if you are sexually active at the age of 20 then you are high risk to have an STD.

How sexually active is the average 33 year old male?

most males are very sexually active until death and some loose there sexuality after age 40

Can you have a pap smear even if you are not sexually active?

No. A pap smear also checks for cervical abnormalities, infections or cancer, and is for all females who are 18+ years of age, or who have become sexually active earlier than that.

What is the ratio of women who deepthroat?

The answer depends on the context of the comparison. Is it the ratio of women who deep throat as compared toall women;women of sexually active age,men who deepthroatthe whole population?

You dont think you will or want to get married so when is a good age to have the choice of becoming sexually active I think 18 is a reasonable age but im not sure.?

Age of consent is most often 18, but becoming sexually active with a partner you love and trust is worth waiting for.

What age do most girls go on birth control?

Hopefully as soon as they become sexually active, if not before.

Is there a time in life where a sexually active man has a true advantage in the number of available and sexually active women?

well, obviously it is when he is the most sexually active. It is different for different men. Here are a few factors that affect the answer: 1. desireabillity (attractiveness) 2. Drive to want intercourse 3. If he is single or not 4. effort he puts into finding the right person (connected to #2) 5. age There are probably more but those are the main 5.

What age do women like sex?

Depends on the woman, dna, lifestyle, relationships etc. No set time. My Mom was sexually active in her 40s. I have known many woman and they were sexually active in their 50s. Don't know any past that age personally but have had friends who knew woman in their 60s. I think their most active time depends on what I said first. Keep it going ladies, stay active out there ww

What age do wild horses become sexually active?

about 2