Mineral lost by sweating

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: Mineral lost by sweating
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How can water be lost from the body in skin?


What minerals are mostly lost in sweating and bleeding?

Sodium and Chloride

What organ release water by sweating?

The skin is the organ where water is lost as sweat.

What mineral was mined on lost in space?


When a person loses fluid by sweating or bleeding what minerals are lost in greatest quantity?

sodium and chlorida

Why is water lost during exercise?

1. Through sweating 2. Through increased breathing

Do Racers loses 5 kg in one race?

Yes: it is fluid lost through sweating.

What mineral is lost when processed foods gain sodium?


How does dehydration occur through playing football?

Some water is lost through exhaled air, more is lost through sweating. Either way it can get you dehydrated.

Why can sweating too much be dangerous?

Sweating too much will not kill but it will cause dehydration that may kill if not enough water is being replenished. Heavy sweating can cause major social and personal problems to your life. If you are sweating alot for no particular reasons, you may be suffering from a medical problem termed hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Is steam bath beneficial for weight loss?

Not really. While in there, you'll sweat. The water lost through sweating will indeed lose you some weight. Trouble is, sweating makes you thirsty. And as soon as you satisfy your thirst by drinking, that weight lost through sweating is right back onboard.

How do you lose water from the body?

Water is lost from sweating, Urination, breathing through evaporation and excretion of waste from diarhea.