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There are many ways that bacteria is helpful to people. This includes promoting good bacteria growth, getting rid of bad bacteria, fighting off foreign substances and even helping get rid of illness.

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Q: List four ways in which bacteria are helpful to people?
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List four food that are produced with the assistance of bacteria?

Cheese, Yogurt, Pickles, and Wine

What are four ways that bacteria are helpful to people?

1 ) some (like in yogurt) eat bad things in your body 2)gets rid of oil spills3) helps clean gas spills4) decomposerWhat some people might not know, is that bacteria is helpful to the human body in numerous ways. Here I will list just 4 ways bacteria helps humans. (1) Certain types of bacteria live in the intestines of humans and they help in digestion and in destroying the harmful organisms. (2) Intestinal bacteria also produces some vitamins required by the human body. (3) There is bacteria that helps to break down lactose in the digestive tract. And lastly, (4) Bacteria on the skin helps to protect humans from different fungus. Bacteria is found everywhere, water, food, and air carries bacteria from one person to another. To keep the harmful bacteria away, remember that antibiotics are the number one killer of harmful bacteria. Always washing your hands with antiseptic soap helps to kill away the bad bacteria.

List four ways in which bacteria interact with people?

Four ways bacteria interact with people are; 1.With human to human contact. 2.By putting germs in your mouth. 3.Mouth to Mouth contacts. 4.By having someone cough on you.

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What are Four examples of beneficial effect?

nitrogen fixing bacteria bacteria of decay nitrifying bacteria denitrifying bacteria

How many syllables does the word bacteria have?

The word bacteria has four syllables.

How is bacteria helpful to people four ways?

Bacteria in our digestive tract help break down food so that we can assimilate it. Bacteria in the soil help break down soil nutrients so that plants can assimilate it. Bacteria in milk help turn milk into cheese. (That's all I've got right now.)

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Name four helpful types of bacteria?

Lactobaccilus acidophilus - used in yogurt cultures Lactococcus lactis - used in the processing of cheese and buttermilk Bifidophilus -found in intestinal tract, aids in digestion, absorption and also helps to enhance immunity functions Streptococcus thermophilus - found in the intestine. Enhances immunity and improves the functioning of the intestine.

What are the four basic elements for bacteria to grow?

The four basic elements for bacteria to grow are warmth, food, moisture and time. If one or more of these elements are removed, conditions will not be satisfactory for bacteria to thrive.

Is Bacteria in one of the four spheres?

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