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They all can cause sedation and fatigue so it is probably the combination.

Librium is usually given to help with narcotic withdrawal and should not be needed if you are taking suboxone, which also fights withdrawal. Ambien is a sleeping medicine similar to Librium (and so a bit redundant). If the goal is to get you free of addicting drugs it is questionable whether you should be taking the Librium and Ambien.

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Q: Librium and ambien taken last night and suboxone taken this morning. All new from a new doctor. I have been very weak and unsteady the entire day. Which of these could be the cause?
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Can ambien make you shaky the next morning?

One of Ambien's side effects is that it can make you feel shaky the next morning.

Can you take saboxine and adarrol together?

This question barely makes sense. Suboxone is usually taken sublingually at the beginning of the day, and Ambien is obviously taken at the very end of the day. I have no idea why you would need to take suboxone and ambien at the same time, unless you are snorting Oxycontin in your sleep. Just hold onto the Suboxone until you wake up and take it then! Preferably at least 7-8 hours after you take the Ambien!

Can it be taken with Ambien in the same day?

I would not take them at the same time, if its xanax er take that in the morning, and then space it out , take the ambiem before you go to bed, to be on the safe side, but always check with your doctor..

Can you take Ambien and lorazepam together?

Yes, expect increased sedation (obviously) What if I took 7 1mg of lorazepam a few hours ago and take 20mg ambien before bed. Will this be okay? I took my suboxone way earlier also..please let me know ASAP..thanks so much. S

Can 100 mg of zoloft and 10 mg of ambien be taken together at bedtime?

yes, but it's better to take your Zoloft in the morning.

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Does Ambien make you gain weight?

Some say it does make them gain weight and they find themselves sleep walking or dishes in the sink in the morning

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Is Ambien dispensed in Europe?

Ambien is available in Europe. The largest producers of Ambien are in the UK and Germany.

Can you take seroquel and Ambien together safely?

Are all of these prescriptions from the same doctor? If not then your answer is no it is not safe. All three of these drug are a form of sedatives and I can't see how you would even be able to stay awake will taking suboxone and seroquel. I am an RN and I do not think this combination is safe at all, but ask your doctor about it to be sure.

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