Izuna 2 action replay codes

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Izuna 2: the unemployed ninja returns Game ID: YIZE-B9238D4B Max HP/SP/EXP all characters c0000000 0000000a 121ddf48 0000270f 121ddf4c 0000270f 121ddf50 000003e7 121ddf54 000003e7 021ddf64 3b9ac9ff dc000000 00001698 d2000000 00000000 Max Money 021f314c 3b9ac9ff Infinite Tag Team 221f3b38 00000080 All Item Quanity ( For Items like film, kuni) press Select + Left 94000130 000003db c0000000 00000014 221f3cd4 00000063 dc000000 000001fc d2000000 00000000 These codes are for the US version and have been tested

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Q: Izuna 2 action replay codes
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Why can't i find action replay codes for dbz legacy of goku 2?

The reason you cannot find action replay codes for DBZ Legacy of Goku 2 as they are not available. Action replay codes are only available for select games.

Does anyone know the White 2 action replay codes for victini and dialga?

The White 2 action replay codes for Victini and dialga cannot be obtain for free.

How do you get the codes for an action replay ds?

There are many ways you can get codes for your Action Replay DS 1. You can browse through Action Replay Websites (ex. 2. You can find a "Subscription URL". The Action Replay Code Manager comes default with the Codejunkies Subscriptions (has lots of codes) Good luck!

What r the codes for Kingdom Hearts 2 on action replay max?

There are no codes for Kingdom Hearts 2.

Where do you put codes for sonic adventure 2 battle?

Action replay

Are there any Hamsterz life 2 action replay codes?

yes there is

What are some codes for assassin's creed 2 discovery for DS?

there is not any action replay codes out yet

What are some action replay max codes for sly 2?

Sorry, but the only action replay codes for sly 2 is the ones in the Action Replay MAX already. But if you can download a converter, you'd be able to convert Code Breaker and/ or GameShark codes into an Action Replay MAX format. but without the game I.D it's impossible, the game I.D should be this: 064a

How do you get game codes on to action replay for the playstation 2?

try going on

Do you enter codes for the action replay on the action replay or not?

There are 2 ways of insterting codes on an action replay 1. You can single handly type the code in and name the code 2. You can use the action replay manager (have to download the CD into your computer im sure your familiar with it) then you must run it through a series of tests ehem it is called upgrade your ds or something like that and once it is done you will have the option to copy and paste codes especially usefull for the longer codes. The PokEmaster has spoken!

Are there any Action Replay codes for The Sims 2 on the PlayStation 2?

Hello I have no idea

Does action replay have kingdom hearts 2 codes in it when new?

i think that's only Action Replay MAX but yes it worked for me the first time i used it.