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It is a simile.

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Q: Is would be as hot as popping grease a simile or a metaphor?
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Do you know of a simile or metaphor that deals with lawyers?

A simile is a more literal interpretation whereas a metaphor is more figurative. Lawyers are like sharks is a simile. A metaphor would be lawyers are sharks.

Is the mathematical symbol a b metaphor or a simile?

A=B is a metaphor because "A" EQUALS "B" making it a metaphor, if it were a simile than "A" would resemble or be similar to "B".

Is The flames of summer faded a metaphor?

yes it is a metaphor. If it was a simile it would have "like" and "as".

Is this a simile or metaphor love is like a drug?

Simile. Similes are just metaphors that use the words 'like,' 'as,' or 'is similar to'. It would be a metaphor if it were to say, "Love is a drug."

Hills Like White Elephants symbolism?

Simile. Watch for the word, "like" when distinguishing between simile and metaphor. A metaphor would be: "The white elephant hills." Simile: 'Hills like white elephants.?

Is this a simile or metaphor your love is like a long stemmed rose?

That sentence is a simile. Similes use "like," or "as." It would be a metaphor if it said, "Your love is a long stemmed rose."

Is a billion pounds of dynamite exploded in my shoulder a metaphor?

That would be a simile.

Is this a simile or metaphor the surge felt like the blood was rushing to your hands?

A simile is a comparison which uses the words "like" or "as". A metaphor is a word which does use "like" or "as". Therefore, "The surge felt 'like' the blood was rushing to your hands" would be a simile.

Why would the use of a simile or metaphor be confusing?

Because a simile uses the words 'like' or 'as' to compare two things. But a metaphor does NOT use those words and compares two UNLIKE things.

Do you have an example of a simile?

My bed is LIKE a cloud. A metaphor would be "My bed IS a cloud"

Is fell into disfavor a simile?

The way to remember a simile is to remember AS___ AS___ is A Simile. This would be a metaphor because it's comparing disfavor to a hole you can fall into.

What would be a good metaphor or simile to hazel eyes?

His eyes were a tranquil green pool, flecked with brown and gold in the sunlight (metaphor) or Her eyes were hazel like emeralds burried in dirty (simile)