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It is a simile.

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Q: Is would be as hot as popping grease a simile or a metaphor?
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Similes in Bridge of Terabithia?

Metaphor: We-ell, look at the big Olympic star. Pg. 5 Simile: May-Belle was as scrawny as Brenda was fat. Pg. 95

Do you know of a simile or metaphor that deals with lawyers?

A simile is a more literal interpretation whereas a metaphor is more figurative. Lawyers are like sharks is a simile. A metaphor would be lawyers are sharks.

Is the mathematical symbol a b metaphor or a simile?

A=B is a metaphor because "A" EQUALS "B" making it a metaphor, if it were a simile than "A" would resemble or be similar to "B".

Is max can always fool us because he is as sly as a fox a simile or a metaphor?

The phrase "sly as a fox" is a simile because it directly compares Max to a fox using "as." If it were a metaphor, it would say, "Max is a fox."

Is a billion pounds of dynamite exploded in my shoulder a metaphor?

That would be a simile.

Is this a simile or metaphor the surge felt like the blood was rushing to your hands?

A simile is a comparison which uses the words "like" or "as". A metaphor is a word which does use "like" or "as". Therefore, "The surge felt 'like' the blood was rushing to your hands" would be a simile.

Do you have an example of a simile?

My bed is LIKE a cloud. A metaphor would be "My bed IS a cloud"

What would be a good metaphor or simile to hazel eyes?

His eyes were a tranquil green pool, flecked with brown and gold in the sunlight (metaphor) or Her eyes were hazel like emeralds burried in dirty (simile)

As sweet as honey is a simile or metaphor?

As sweet as sugar or as sweet as honey.

Is patenice is a hourglass a simile?

No it is not a simile because it does not use the term like or as in its description. Were you to say patience is like an hourglass it would be a simile. The way you worded it makes it a metaphor.

What kinda literary term is you young monkey?

"Young monkey" used as a literary term could be a metaphor or a simile, depending on the context. If it is used to compare someone's behavior or characteristics to that of a young monkey, it would be a metaphor. If it is used as a direct comparison using "like" or "as," it would be a simile.

What kind of quote is this you never seen a frog so modest is it personification Simile Metaphor Hyberbole or Allusion?

I think it would be a Metaphor........