Is unprotected sex dangerous

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes it can give you an STI or get you pregnant.

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Q: Is unprotected sex dangerous
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How do you have unprotected sex?

Unprotected sex is when no contaception is used at all.

I had unprotecd sex 2 weeks ago 3 days before your period and then i had my period then a week ago had unproteced sex again and the last couple of days i have felt diffrent am sleepy?

It is possible. Any unprotected sex no matter the time is dangerous. Check with your doctor or take a test. And stop having unprotected sex..

When do i know its time to take a pregnancy test?

When you have unprotected sex and then miss a period When you have unprotected sex and then miss a period

You had unprotected sex a month and got your periods normally recently will you get pregnant?

No, not unless you have had unprotected sex since your last period. Then there may be a chance.

You had unprotected sex about 5 days after your period ended now its been 1 week since you had unprotected sex and you have dull period like pain and a little nausea do you think you could be pregnant?

yes yes, you can get pregnant anytime you have unprotected sex

Can you get pregnant having unprotected sex the day you ovulate and he pulls out?

Yes. Active sperm do escape before the male has an orgasm. Thus, pulling out will not necessarily prevent pregnancy. Unprotected sex can also result in sexually transmitted diseases, some of which cannot be treated. Unprotected sex is a bad idea. 73 out of 100 women who have sex unprotected become pregnant.

How can objects spread disease?

by unprotected sex

You had unprotected sex while you were on your period are you pregnant?


Can you get pregnant after you had unprotected sex but get your period?

yes you can

Chances of pregnancy after 1 month of unprotected sex.?

In two healthy people, the chance of pregnancy after having regular unprotected sex for a month is high.

You had unprotected sex and then went back the next week and had unprotected sex while your period on?

just have it again and again and again 4 times a month!!

What are catholic views on sex?

Do it often and unprotected. Actually- its no sex before marriage.