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Q: Is trichoderma bad to human body?
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What eats the human body after death?

Bad bacteria.

Trichoderma viride as a Biofungicide to Postharvest Mango Anthracnose?

Yes, trichoderma viride can be used a s a biofungicide to control Anthracnose in postharvest Mango. Ideally you can create trichoderma baths and run the mango crop through them. Or spray onto the crop just before harvesting.

What kind of mold is the white mold on coffee?


What are things that are bad for the human body?


Why human body lubricates during intercourse. is it good or bad?

The human body must lubricate for intercourse to reduce the friction of genitalia.

Importance of water in human body?

water is heathy and has no sugar because sugar is bad for your body

Is lard bad for the human body?

yea lard is pure fat

Will enjecting sugar in to human body b harmful and how bad?


Are there single displacement reactions in the body?

Not without bad consequences. These require an element in the free state. Any of those in the human body will be very bad.

What is trichoderma?

Trichoderma species are non-pathogenic fungi often found in soil as well as in association with plants. These green colored fungi are well known for their anti-fungal and/or plant-growth-stimulating effects.For these reasons, several strains of Trichoderma have been developed into biological control products that are used all over the world to combat fungal plant diseases on various crops. Most of these biological control products are from the species Trichoderma harzianum, T. viride and T. atroviride.

What is Virginia cuevas contribution in biology?

She developed the use of the fungus trichoderma

Why radiation workers are higher dose exposure limitsis this good or bad?

Radiation is in fact bad for the human body.