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It's the processed trans fat that is not good. Naturally occurring fat is good for you. You need a lot of it to be healthy. After having just spend a bunch of time researching this topic by reading and through talking to people "in the know" 99% of what people are told about what is healthy to eat and what is not is completely false. For example, you're counting calories and exercising vigorously in order to be healthy or maybe loose weight. Unfortunately those aren't the main determinants of being fit and healthy.

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Q: Is trans fat good to your health?
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Is trans fat are good for your health?

Absolutely not; they are very bad for your health. You could make the analogy that trans-fat to the body is like running a care on dirty old engine oil.

Is trans fat good for your health?

Absolutely not; they are very bad for your health. You could make the analogy that trans-fat to the body is like running a care on dirty old engine oil.

What is a fact on trans fat?

trans fat is not good for your body it can be bad for you and it is hard to lose trans fat off of your body so try to stay away with stuff that has (Trans Fat in it) bad for you take my advice.

Why transfat bad for health?

As far as I know,trans fat is just as bad for you as saturated fat. Why we pick on trans fat is because of the trans part. That means WE have hydrogenated the fat (transferred it) to make it stay solid at room temperature. (Yumy!) So basically a trans fat is a fat that was once a little healthier, and we adjusted it to make it a hideous, artery-blocking obesity inducer.

What is the Tagalog word for trans fat?

trans fat = Tabang trans

What is interesterfied?

As trans fat disappears from store shelves, another product is taking its place. Health advocates worry it could be even worse for our health than trans fat. It does preserve shelf life and taste, but cost in long run for health is the big issue. It does the same thing as trans fat: increase bad cholesterol and decrease good. However, it's also going to raise blood glucose or blood sugar by 20 percent. In a small study in Malaysia, researchers compared interesterified fats to diets with trans fats and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. The fat that had the most negative impact on HDL (good cholesterol) was the interesterified fat. this is a synthetic fat that is not naturally found in the diet and thus is foreign to the body. Given the importance of fats in the body we must stay away from these foreign fats lest we suffer the consequences.

How is trans fat bad for health?

if you eat how long is it before you have an empty stomach? Trans fat is bad for your health because it undergoes a process called hydrogenation. This processing strips fat of its original nutrients. It is about as recognizable to the human body as plastic is... it creates a lot of free radicals in your body, which harm your cells.

Is trans fat or sat fat worse?


What is the unhealthiest type of fat?

fat made from fat in fatty foods witch make you fat and fat is not good

Is it good to be fat?

No, excess fat can be dangerous to your health.

What does 'trans' mean in trans fat?

The prefix trans means beyond. This even true for trans fat.

Why do so many foods advertise the fact that they do not contain trans fat?

Trans fat (or unsaturated fat) increases the risk of coronary heart disease as it raises the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood. Trans fat has also been associated with increased risk of Alzheimer's disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. For all these health reasons many food products are now labelled as being low in trans fat.