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There are a lot of games like Dizzywood and Club Penguin. Some of them are

  • Habbo Hotel
  • Runescape
  • Maple Story
  • Fantage
  • Pandanda
  • ourWorld
  • Whyville

There are also a lot of mini-games that you can play within Dizzywood and Club Penguin. The ones on Club Penguin are:

  • sled racing
  • pizzatron 3000
  • ice fishing
  • bean counters
  • hydro hopper
  • cart surfer
  • puffle round up

And the ones on Dizzywood are

  • Flight
  • Combo Drop
  • Bounce
  • Blocks
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Q: Is there games like dizzywood or clubpenguin?
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What good online games like migoland?

poptropica zwinky dizzywood panfu habbo weeworld clubpenguin

Is there any games like dizzywood?

try fantage it is a bit like dizzywood

What are good virtual words for 7 to 10?

Fantage,Clubpenguin,Dizzywood,Bearville or something like that.Hope i helped. byee

Is there a game like Moshi Monsters?

Some games like moshimonsters: habbo ubiworld clubpenguin dizzywood marapets barbiegirl millsberry pandanda winxclub ecobuddies funbrain spineworld Neopets Chimpoo Creature Breeder Bin Weevils Ourworld

Are there any good games like moshi monsters?


Are there any other websites similar to Club Penguin?

Yes there is other games like club penguin like moshimonsters, dizzywood,clubpenguin, panfu,pandanda,chobots,tootsville,build a bearville,horseland,runscape if you are older than eleven you can go on habbo.

Are there any games like webosaurs?

There is Dinosawus, My dinos, dino kids and dizzywood

What are games like chimpoo?

there are many games. fantage dizzywood club penguin toontown mooshi monsters

Is there another game like clubpenguin?

There are games like clubpenguin and they are...SpineWorldFantagePanfuThere r other games but i cant remember them all so guess there is only 3.

Can you tell me the best games?

clubpenguin! Depends on what you like.

A good website for tweens like 9-11?

well here are a few: clubpenguin moshimonsters millsberry dizzywood girlsgogames americangirl (18+) bratz, & barbiegirls.

What games are like cluppenguin?

Well there's Panfu, moshi monsters, moonbase, binweevils, dizzywood, pandanda, zwinky, runescape, spineworld, habbo, furry fable, tootsville, chobots, webosaurs, urban rivals and SO much more I hope my answer was helpful and please do update.