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Well, Not Technically. But Perfect Worlds Is A Game You Can Have A "Furrie" Kinda. Its A Wolf. But, You Can Go On...GirlsGoGames (I Think) And Type In MMORPG. And There Is A Bird One Dolphin/Mermaid And Seaturtle Exc. But WolfQuest Is One-Of-A-Kind. Because It's Based On Real Wolves, At Amethyst Mountain.

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Q: Is there games exactly like wolf quest?
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Are there games like monkey quest?

Wolf Quest but you will have to download it...

What games are like wolf quest but a horse?


Any games like wolf quest that do not need download?

Hi actually i know of a game no download its like wolf quest its called wolf haven

Are there any games like wolf quest but diff cubs and animals?


What are games like Free Realms?

aq worlds and i predator and wolf quest

Is there a game just like wolfquest but you are a horse?

horse games just like wolf quest

Where can you get wolf quest two?

Download it on the Wolf Quest site just like you did for the first episode of Wolf Quest.

Any good online wolf games?

Wolf Quest

What free wolf games are there?

Well there is Wolf Quest.. but that is all i know

Is there an games that are close to wolf quest?

no Omar

What online animal games are like wolf quest?

animaljam,clubpenguin,pandafu,animalplanet,and natgeowild

Are there any good wolf games that are free other than WolfQuest or Wolf?

There is the game Feral heart It is like Wolf quest, but you can either be a lion or a wolf. I personally like Feral Heart better