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I'm sure there are several auto insurance companies that will allow you to exclude your husband. You need to know what exactly this means. It means that if he drives one of the vehicles on your policy for any reason at all that there will be no coverage provided by your policy. In exchange for this exclusion you will not be charged anything based on his driving record. Remember that it makes no difference if you get back together for a weekend, if there is an emergency and he drives you to the hospital, if his car is torn up and you let him borrow it, there is no coverage until after the exclusion is lifted by the insurance company. You do not have the authority to lift it yourself, only the company can. If you still want to do this I recommend that you go see and independent insurance agent who represents many companies and let them search for the best rates and coverage of companies for what you want.

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Q: Is there an auto insurance company in pa that will allow me to exclude my husband from my auto insurance policy?
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If your husband has his own insurance for his vehicle and you exclude him the insurance on your car will he be covered by his insurance if he was driving your car and had an accident?

You have to list the drivers covered to drive your car on the policy. If not he is not covered.

Can you keep life insurance on your ex husband?

You cannot. In case of any claim after your divorce and the policy bond is in your possession, the claim will be summarily rejected by the insurance company. It's advisable to surrender the policy on your ex husband to the insurance company against official receipt.

What does Michigan laws say about insurance company replacing roof with matching shingles?

There is no law about roofing material match issues with your insurance company. You would need to refer to the policy language that you contracted with and agreed to when your purchased the policy from the insurance company. Most policies exclude coverage for aesthetic match issues.

Can your ex husband cash in on a life insurance policy on you after 35 years?

If he is showing as the beneficiary on your policy - yes. You can call the insurance company or your agent to change the beneficiary.

Will an insurance company pay after a homicide?

Insurance companies will not pay if the beneficiary is convicted of the homicide. Most insurance companies will pay the beneficiary if that person was not involved and the policy does not exclude homicide as the cause of death.

Can you get a license to sell health insurance in Texas with more than one DUI?

This depends on the company and their policy. DUI's do not automatically exclude you from selling insurance. Felonies will on the other hand.

My wife got into an accident in her car and insurance policy under both of us can the insurance company come after me for additional money if my insurance company does not cover all damage?

If the automobile policy contract is in both names (husband and wife) then the insurance company will look to both of you for compensation of any losses that are not covered under your own policy.

In New York State can you exclude a spouse from your auto insurance policy if she will never drive due to a lifelong disability?

As long as you let the insurance company know that you are married and the reason she will never drive the vehicle.

Can you get life insurance 25 years after suicide attempt?

Yes, you should be able to obtain insurance. Most policies exclude coverage for suicide in the first two years of the policy, and in this case a company may exclude coverage beyond that two year term, since there was a previous attempt.

Can husband cash in wife's insurance policy?

If the husband is the nominee of the wife's life policy,and in case of later's eventuality, he can claim the insurance proceeds and the Insurance Co. is legally bound to pay to the nominated husband.

Your husband died last month and you found an insurance policy on him dated Dec 11931 when he was 1 year old is this policy in force?

It might be and most likely is. You found the policy, contact the claims department of the carrying insurance company.

Can an insurance company automatically add a child without a license or permit to your policy?

Yes, Unless you exclude the Child driver by name. You can reject the addition of your child onto your policy by signing a form 515A and submitting it to your insurer.