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Companies offering cheaper car insurance for women appears to be an urban myth. There are plenty of websites that claim to have information regarding the topic but none can name a single company that actually provides cheaper insurance for women.

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Q: Is there a company that offers cheaper car insurance for women?
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Where can someone find cheap car insurance for a woman?

In general insurance is usually cheaper for women than men. In some cases however, if one has had driving charges in the past the insurance could be higher. Although there is no information regarding companies in North America that specifically offer cheaper car insurance for women, there is a company in the UK called GirlMotor which offers cheaper rates for women.

Where can young women get car insurance?

Young women can get car insurance from any company that offers car insurance, including Allstate, Progressive, or Geico. Young women in California could also get car insurance from Dashers.

Is it possible for women to get affordable car insurance?

It is possible for women to get affordable car insurance. I think it is cheaper for a woman to get car insurance than it is for a man to get car insurance as a matter of fact. Contacting an insurance company for quotes will help you.

Which life insurance company in Wichita, KS, offers the best rates for single non-smoking women under 40?

New York Life offers really good insurance for under 45.00 a month.

Which companies provide cheaper car insurance for women?

One can find different companies that provide cheaper car insurance for women, depending on the country. One can find cheap insurance for women from companies where the owner is a woman and as a result might trust more women.

Do some companies offer womens car insurance?

No, companies do not offer insurance geared specifically toward women. Usually the company will ask for your gender and look at your driving record and give you a quote. The rates of women are usually cheaper.

Why are insurance rates cheaper for women?

Insurance rates are cheaper for women because of reasons such as men are more likely to have road rage and men like to race and be aggressive while doing it.

What are some things that Provident Car Insurance offer?

The company Provident Car Insurance mainly offers car insurance. In particular it specialises in policies for women, policies for older cars and non-comprehensive policies.

What services does the company First for Women offer in South Africa?

First for Women offers insurance to those women in need of it in South Africa. Over the years, it has raised around $11 million for South African women.

What companies offer cheap women's car insurance?

Without knowing what country one is located in, it is rather difficult to provide definitive answers as to companies that offer cheap women's car insurance. In general, women are usually cheaper to insure for car insurance. It has been found that there is a company that is called "Girl Motor" as well as "Diamond Car Insurance" but both companies are located in the UK.

Who makes the womens car insurance quote?

Both male and female car insurance quotes are set by the same company that you are applying to such as Geico, Esurance, and State Farm. The reason why women's car insurance is generally cheaper as they are statistically involved in less crashes.

Is car insurance cheaper for women?

Yes, car insurance is cheaper for women. Insurance companies charge individuals based on demographic data, and women continually cost insurance companies less. This is partially because men get into more accidents, but even those years when the numbers of accidents between genders is nearly-identical, women get in less severe (i.e. less costly) accidents, so insurance companies feel justified for charging men extra.