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Q: Is the registration activation code on the CD for Spore Creature Creator?
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Is spore any different then spore creature creator?

There is Spore, the game, and the Spore Creature Creator, which is part of the game. All versions of Spore the game have the Spore Creature Creator included with them. It is true that the Spore Creature Creator can be played with by itself, but it is not a is a neat art tool.

When did Spore Creature Creator happen?

Spore Creature Creator happened in 2008.

Can you download the creatures you made in creature creator to the spore game?

It transfers them to Spore if Spore Creature Creator is uninstalled.

When was Spore Creature Creator created?

Spore Creature Creator was created on 2008-06-18.

Can you get spore creature creator on the ds?

Creature creature is only on PC/MAC. Spore Creature Creator is now on the Nintendo DS

Who designed the Spore Creature Creator?

The Spore Creature Creator was designed by Will Wright. You can get more information about the Spore Creature Creator at the Wikipedia. Once on the page, type "Spore Creature Creator" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

What can spore creature creator do that normal spore can't?

Nothing. Spore Creature Creature is like a demo for Spore. If you have Spore, don't bother getting Creature Creature.

Do you need the Spore Creature Creator to get Spore?

No, Creature Creator is part of the game Spore and is included with the game. Creature Creator was released separately as a marketing tactic to drive interest for the game's release.

How do you play in the spore world in spore creature creator?

Unfortunately, the Spore Creature Creator can only create creatures. It cannot play the actual game. That is what the full game of Spore is for. The Creature Creator and several others appear in the full game of Spore.

Spore creature creator manual?

The spore creature creator manual provides a comprehensive guide on how the spore creature is to be played. It contains all the steps in detail and the various levels.

What is the code for Spore Creature Creator?

If you mean the registration code its (5m7x-3y2gtx33-3r4y-jfez) just dont put the ( in it.

Is Spore creature creator a fun game?

Its good,but not as complex as the computer game.