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No well at least i don't think so

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Q: Is the boy who plays Liam in Tracey Beaker returns related to another actor?
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Who plays Liam in tracey beaker returns?

The character Liam in Tracey Beaker Returns is Richard Wisker. He is 15 and is extemely fit!

Where is the tracey beaker returns set?

Newcastle @//-_-\\@

How old is Liam in Tracey beaker returns?


How old is Gina from Tracy Beaker Returns?

Gina from Tracey Beaker Returns is 65 but in real life she is 81.

Why does Rosie's actress change in Tracy Beaker returns?

Because Tracey beaker returns is when Tracey is grown up so all the kids in the home have grown up to adults

Is tracey baeker returns the same tracey as the story of tracey beaker?

Yes it is the same actress (Dani Harmer.)

What is lilys real name on tracey beaker returns?

Jessie Williams

Toby Coleman real age from tracey beaker returns?

he is 12

Will there be new tracey beaker returns?

yes there will be they are filming the new series

When is lily kettles birthday in tracey beaker returns?

It is on 20th march

Who plays Rick Barber in Tracey Beaker Returns?

daniel pearson

What age is harry from tracey beaker returns in real lif?