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Q: Is the argan harmful to human health?
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Why falsa fruit is harmful for human health?

It's not harmful at all.

Name protozons harmful for human health.?

they arn't

What are health benefits of argan oil?

Argan oil is a somewhat rare substance developed from the nuts of the Argan tree. Its health benefits include; skin and hair moisturizer, it treats acne, it removes stretch marks in pregnant women and can be used for dry skins.

Which method is known to be harmful to human health?

i dont kow

Is bird flu harmless?

it is harmful...affects human health!

Any material that can be harmful to human health or the environment if it is not properly disposed of is called-?

A material that can be harmful if not properly disposed of is hazardous.

Food is harmful to man discuss?

Food is essential to human life and health. All humans should have access to a variety of foodstuffs that contain the vitamins and minerals essential for human health. But too much food is harmful to humans and every effort should be made to avoid the possibility of food impacting negatively on human health.

Are extremophiles harmful to plants and humans?

Extremophiles are a danger to human health. Extremophiles can be a danger to plants.

When was Argan created?

Argan was created in 1911.

How does bacteria affect human health?

Some bacteria are beneficial to humans, and some bacteria are harmful to humans.

Which air pollutan is more harmful to human health inside a building than outside?

Radon gas.

Why is ozone a harmful gas?

See "How does ozone affect human health?" in the "Related questions" section below.