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Q: Is termite damage covered by Farmers homeowner insurance?
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Is termite damage covered under homeowner insurance?

no... insurance is based on risk, termites are pretty much a sure thing

Does homeowners insurance cover termite damage?

Usually not. Check your policy for Perils Insured Against, and Exceptions. Call your insurance company. If they say it is not covered, ask where it says that in the policy.

Does AAA insurance cover termites?

No. Definitely not. This is not only not a covered cause but is actually specifically excluded. This is a maintenance issue really from lack of termite treatment.

Does insurance cover termite damage?


does home insurance include door damage?

That depends upon what you mean by "include"! Doors are not specifically excluded property under a homeowner's policy, and they are usually attached to the structure, so in most cases, they would be considered part of the building. If that is the scenario you are referring to, then the coverage that applies to the building also applies to the door. Then you need to explain what kind of damage you are referring to - will your homeowner's insurance pay for your door if you intentionally light it on fire? No. It will also not pay if your door is damaged in a flood, a volcanic eruption, a nuclear explosion, a termite infestation, etc. If your door is damaged by hail, then yes. In most cases, it will be covered by your homeowner's insurance, subject to your deductible. If someone steals or vandalizes your door, those are also things that would be covered. If you have a more explicit question, then you will garner a more exacting answer! As your question is written, it is very difficult to answer.

Does home owners insurance cover termite damage?

NO, generally not.

Is roof insurance for termite fumigation a rip off?


Your house has termite and roof damage and mold can the home insurance pay for it?

Most Homeowners Insurance Policies do pay roof repairs if damaged by a covered peril so long as its not a worn out roof or pre existing condition. Mold and Termite or other common household pests are not covered unless specified in the named perils or by endorsement. The best chance of getting Homeowners "All Risk" coverage is buy purchasing a Homeowners HOC or HO3 all risk policy.

Does homeowners insurance usually cover termite or carpenter ant damage?

no - damage by insects is excluded

If your fence has termite damage and needs to be replaced will insurance cover it?

No, they will not cover it. However, if a gust of wind knocks it down, then they will cover the fence. Insurance does not cover damage caused by insects.

What is a termite mother called?


What is a termite movement called?

It is the movement of a termite.