Is sun in bad for your hair?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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yes the sun is bad for your hair because it bleaches it out.

The sun can dry out the hair, fade hair color, and burn the scalp..... possibly leading to skin cancer of the scalp. It's best to use professional hair products that contain sunscreen.

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Q: Is sun in bad for your hair?
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Is the sun bad for your hair?

Sun is not bad for hair,sun can lighten hair,but is not bad for it.

What are some products like sun-in?

Sun in is really bad for your hair because it is basically killing it so that it appears a lighter color so if you want to lighten your hair naturally use lemon juice

What does sun kissed hair mean?

Sun kissed hair means hair that is lightened when it is exposed to the sun for a long time.

Name a reason somebody would wear a hat all the time?

bald bad hair day protect from sun their cold

Is hair mousse bad for hair?

hair mousse is not bad for the hair only if you add just a spoon of it and you take care of your hair.

How can you make your hair lighter?

If the sun is shining, stay out because the sun can turn your hair lighter

Why does the sun make your skin dark but your hair light?

The sun tans your skin makeing it darker but more time in the sun means lighter hair. The sun kinda bleaches your hair so it gets lighter.

Is hair bleach bad for your hair?

No! :-)

When does leg hair start growing?

Depends ... Boys = Age 14 Girls = Age 12-13 Second Answer: You have leg hair from when you are a child. The hair on your arms and legs is what protects you from the sun. It doesnt just randomly start growing. My cousin has hair on her leg and she is 10. is that bad

Are highlights good for your hair?

no, they are really bad the bleech is really bad for your hair!

How do i die my hair for cheaper lighter here is a fab answer put lemon on your hair get lots of sun on it and............wala lighter hair?

you can buy "sun in" from any drugstore and spray it on then go out in the sun :)

How do you fix a bad hair cut?

Well it depends on what kind of hair cut you have. If its bad but not as bad as other people see, hair extentions will do the trick