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This may be a tricky situation. Did you report the accident? Who was At Fault? Was the coverage limit exhausted? Several factors may come into play. If limits were not exhausted, you did not settle the claim and sign a release, the company did not reimburse you for the claims that you did not forward to the medical provider, and the time period for filing in your state has not expired, then you need to contact your adjuster to get them paid and it shouldn't be an issue at all. Just make sure they have the claims and that

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Q: Is someone who was in an accident months ago and still have unpaid medical bills would it be still be covered by the insurance company?
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Will your medical insurance cover you in an auto accident?

Yes it should, but the auto insurance company may have to pay the medical insurance after the claim is paid.

Do any car insurance companies provide male enhancement plans?

Male enhancement is covered sometimes under your medical insurance plan if it is due to a medical condition. Your car insurance company will doubtfully ever provide any male enhancement plans as their business is ensure that in case of an accident your car and or you are covered.

What are car insurance laws in California if someone hits me and they are at fault?

They or their insurance company needs to pay for damage and medical bills in the accident. If they don't have insurance, they can still be sued for the accident by the victims insurance company.

What are the benefits of Florida no fault car Insurance?

Florida's no fault car insurance pertains to medical payments. The insurance states that the insurance company will pay for your bodily injury claims regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Damage done to property (i.e. the car) would still be covered by the at fault party. The Florida no fault car insurance is a benefit because one does not have to worry about not having their medical needs covered because the accident was the fault of the other party and they do not have sufficient insurance.

What can you do if your medical insurance covered bills due to an motor accident and knew it was an accident and put a lien on you?

Just be happy that the premiums aren't any higher as the Insurance Company got reimbursed. The lien isn't on YOU, it's on any proceeds you might receive for medical bills from the other party. For more info.

Do you have to sign a medical release form from an insurance company after a car accident?

No, you shouldn't have to sign any forms after a car accident.

Will my heath insurance pay my medical bills if i was legally drunk when i had my car accident?

Over and above medical coverage on your auto insurance. There is no way you can get out of telling your auto insurance company about the accident, because the health insurance company will tell them about it first. This also depends on whether or not your State allows health insurance to cover such accidents.

Will medical insurance cover teeth that have to be extracted and filled due to dry mouth?

No. But if any dental surgery is necessiated due to accident, the same will be covered under medical insurance purview.

Who pays the medical bills in an accident on a motorcycle for the passenger?

== == If no other vehicles were involved in this accident, the insurance company of the motorcycle driver has to cover the medical bills of the passenger who was injured.

Will your insurance pay the medicare lien if the other parties insurance liability is not sufficient to cover the entire settlement amount?

No. I assume that you were in a car accident and that you had injuries. I assume that you had medical expenses that were not covered by insurance. I assume that you own a house and there is a lien on that house to pay the cost of the medical care. I assume that the insurance settlement took 2-3 years to settle. I assume that your settlement amount paid by the other driver's insurance policy was less than the cost of your medical care. There is no other "insurance" to rely upon to pay the cost of the medical are that was not covered by your insurance and that was not covered in full by the amount of money you received from the other driver's insurance company.

Heart attack is it covered by accidental insurance if the person who suffered the heart attack and during that time the person falls on the floor and dies is it considered as accident death?

The medical examiner can determine the cause of death, and the insurance company would agree with the ME.

If your car insurance carrier paid your medical bills after an accident and the at fault insurance company paid you can your insurance carrier come after you for the money?

yes and they usually do.