Is smallworlds a good game

Updated: 9/20/2023
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YES! Smallworlds is the best game ive ever played. And alot of people plays it. You must be 13+ to play it.

You can do anything in there. Its like real.

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Q: Is smallworlds a good game
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Is there a game like smallworlds?

Try Smallworlds! its a very Good game if you want to add me my name is Gemma Rox.

How old do you have to be to join the smallworlds game?

You have to be 13 years old to join Smallworlds.

Are there any kind of games like smallworlds?

OurWorld is a game like Smallworlds.

Who invented smallworlds?

I am A real SmallWorlds Helper in the game and Dan SmallWorlds is just a fictional character. There are many fictional characters for example Elvira SmallWorlds, Fred SmallWorlds, Dan Smallworlds... The real owner is Mitch Olsen... He does have an account named Mitch Olsen

Is there worlds like smallworlds?

No because smallworlds is a online game it was made in 2008 in the game u can make an avatar talk to friends meet ppl and in smallworlds ppl all over the world is playin...... it is acutally fun when u get used to it ....:)

A website that kids can make a avatar for free?

Moviestarplanet, Zwinkycuties ,Clubpenguin and Smallworlds are good, But Smallworlds is for 13+

Who is the richest person in smallworlds?

In SmallWorlds, the richest person would typically be the player with the highest amount of in-game currency or resources. This could vary depending on the individual player's achievements, trading skills, and strategies within the game.

Can you be pregnant in smallworlds?

If you mean "Pregnant", no you can not be "Pregnant" in smallworlds. It's a game for ages 13 and older. People pretend to be "Pregnant" though.

A game like meez?

um..... habbo, smallworlds habbzone and habplus!

Is there a game like ourworld?

Yes,There is woozeworld,smallworlds,migolnad,and stardoll

Who created smallworlds?

Dan Smallworlds created Smallworlds.

Which country created smallworlds?

Smallworlds was created in New Zealand and the person who owns smallworlds is Dan Smallworlds