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If you make it a practice to regularly sleep in air con room, yea it will affect your health. Your body would become stiff, you can contact Asthma in the long run,color of skin may deface,however sound sleep you may have. It takes time for the body to get adjusted in natural clime and artificial clime. During summer, it is advisable to run air con for say 2 hours, put off and switch on the fan for rest of the sleep. During winter, room heater would suffice to.

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Q: Is sleeping in air con room bad for health?
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What are the health risks when sleeping in a bed?

The health risks of sleeping in a bed include bedbegs and bad posture due to your sleeping position. The bad posture from sleeping can result in back pain and general body pain for the rest of your life.

How does air affect your health?

Good air is good for your health; bad air is bad. Really bad air can kill you in less than one minute.

Why should women sleep on their stomachs without bras on?

No, sleeping on your stomach (either man or woman) is bad for your health. You can also not breathe properly when sleeping on your stomach.

What is the benefits of good air to your health?

Well bad air, such as air in cities full of chemicals and exhaust has a bad effect on your health, causing lung conditions. Good air is free of this and makes you breathe a lot easier.

Eating curd with sugar before sleeping is good or bad for health?

Eating curd before sleeping is bad for health, as it causes digestion disorder. This may in turn cause ulcerous problem. Even curd should be taken after lunch but without sugar for better result.

Is air conditioning bad for your health?

I believe that air conditioning is bad for you because it makes you sleepy. - Intelligent Response: Air conditioning has a small list of complications linked to it such as aggrivating arthritis, neurosis, and sinus inflamation. There is also some showing of micro orgasms that end up in air conditioning units that cause breathing troubles. When sleeping in Air Conditioning, if left on it can make one sick. That is what I found out on a quick search for information.

Which is bad for your health a dry room or cold room?

A dry room in winter can affect the body and can make the heated room feel colder. Humidifiers are uses to raise the house humidity level. In summer, too much moisture from high outside humidity can make the house very unbearable. Dehumifiers can be used in addition to the humidity removal performed by an air conditioner.

Dust is bad for your health?

Only with people who have asthma but dust may cary germs in the air

What are the effects of air pollution on people?

1. bad health condition. 2. destruction of the environment.

How is the air you inhale or breathe in different then when you exhale or breathe out?

Inhaled air contains room air which contains oxygen. Exhaled air has carbon dioxide and, maybe, bad breath.

How long can I stay in a steam room before it is bad for me?

You can stay in a steam room no longer than around fifteen or twenty minutes before it becomes hazardous to your health.

Why cutting down forests is bad for your health?

because the forests pevid most of our air and if you cut it down we wont have enough of air to live.