Is salt bad for your health?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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not in moderation. too much can cause high blood pressure due to action on kidney and blood vessls and hormones.

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Q: Is salt bad for your health?
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Why is salt bad for cells?

salt is bad for health because the cell shrinks when the salt goes into the cell

Is milk and salt together bad for health?

no, but too much salt might ruin the flavor of milk.

Adding salt in dogs food is good or bad?

Its bad for dogs that have salt in it or on it. Bad, dogs do not need extra salt in their diet, giving it to them could cause health problems. There is already more than enough present in their food.

What does too much salt do to you?

Well, nothing really. However, it's bad for you if you eat too much. It is bad for your health

You like really salty porridge is this bad for your health?

Too much salt can indeed be bad for you, it tends to increase blood pressure for instance.

Is hot ice dangerous?

No it isn't. It is simply a salt and water mixture. It will taste quite bad but is not harmful to your health.

Does oyster sauce have a bad effect on your health?

Depends...oyster sauce has high salt content and low nutritional value

If you're diagnosed with low sodium in your blood what are the health risks?

If you are diagnosed with low sodium in your blood, the main health risks are things associated with dehydration. While too much salt is bad, so is too little salt or sodium.

Is salt and vinigar chips bad for you?

TOO MUCH of ANYTHING is bad for you, and the health nuts have been trying to get people to cut back on salt for quite a while. Nothing wrong with vinegar, though, except that it doesn't taste all that great.....

I am addicted to eating these really yummy salty tortilla chips and i need to know if are they good or bad for my health?

They are good and bad for you they are bad for you because they have a lot of salt and they are good for you because they are mostly made of grain. salt is healthy for you if you don't eat too much of it, but it can also be bad cor you. don't stop eating salt. you need it. it is part of your diet as a human, but just don't overdo it.

How road salt gets into groundwater and what effects it has?

The salt dissolves which causes it to evaporate then it melts down into the ground being put into the grounwater and then pollutes the groundwater effecting our health in a bad way.

When does salt go bad?

Salt never goes bad.