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No, that will mess with the front alignment angles,

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Q: Is ok to tighten the torsion bars on a 05 dodge ram to get a lift on it?
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How do you crank up torsion bars on 06 tundra?

The tundra does not have torsion bars, buy a lift.

How do you crank up torsion bars on a 2005 durango?

Most torsion bars have adjuster screws or bolts on the bars. When you tighten one side you have to tighten the other side the same amount. If you don't it will make it will make the vehicle sit crooked. So measure both side then tighten the accordly. If you tighten them up to much though you can break them as they are designed to work in a specified range. If you're looking to lift the vehicle check out a proper lift kit.

How do you tighten your torsion bars?

The torsion bars on a 1999 4x4 Chevy Suburban are adjusted by turning the adjustment bolts. They allow the vehicle to be moved up or down as needed.

How do you lift an independent suspension fwd?

u can put a four inch block in the rear n tighten up the torsion bars to get a lil bit of lift without spendin a lot of money c.p.c

How do you raise the torsion bars on a 98 silverado?

You must crank the bolts on the torsion bar clockwise to lift the vehicle

What size tires can you fit on a 2006 durango 4x4 without a lift?

33" in the front and 35" in the back. I you tighten your torsion bars all the way in the front you can lift your front end 2.5 inches and fit 35's all the way around.

How do you adjust the front end up on a dodge 1500 pick up like you would adjust torsion bars on other pick ups?

To lift the front of a Ram you have to replace the springs, or add spring spacers.

Will 32x11.50x15 tires fit on a stock Z71 Colorado?

Yes it will fit slight rub and cranck the torsion bars to lift the front end a bit

How do you adjust the torsion bars on a 2 wheel drive 1993 Toyota pickup?

Lift the front of the truck up, get a 22mm wrench. The adjusting bolts are towards the middle of the car. tighten them to lift and loosen to lower. Lower it back on the ground and measure the distance from the top of your rim to the bottom of your fender. Keep adjusting till you get both sides even.

How to raise the front end of a 2009 Chevy Silverado to be level with the rear?

Take the truck to your local Chevy dealer and have them adjust the torsion bars to lift the front and then do a realignment. About 100 bucks. New torsion bar keys are not needed.

How do you crank up the torsion bars on a 1997 Chevy 2500 pickup?

On the rear of the bars, there is a bolt on each side coming down through the cross member. Tightening these two bolts will lift the front end.

How crank up torsion bars 2005 Chevy silverado?

The torsion bars run from the lower control arms to a crossmember almost under the seat area of truck. There are adjusting bolts at the end of the bars that push up an arm to lift and lowers to lower. Tightening the bolt lifts the truck and loosening bolt lowers the truck. Please note that if you crank up bars too much this will greatly affect alignment, steering and is hard on the drive axles. If you do lift it a little then you should always have alignment checked afterwards