Is not wearing a bra bad?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Absolutely not. Your breasts have to be really tiny though, AA Cups. Any larger and over time, if you didn't where a bra for a long time, then your breasts would start to sag. However, if you didn't where a bra, for say a week, it's not going to affect their level. Women with very large breasts have to where a bra, otherwise they get chronic backache.

Actually, it is the bra that gives a big breasted woman back ache. Without it there is no pressure on the shoulders, neck and back. When just hanging they are moving around which can be annoying but it's not harmful. Sag they will anyway due to age.

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Q: Is not wearing a bra bad?
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ok? there's noting bad about wearing your sisters oLd bra

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NEVER!!!! you cant get any cancer by wearing a bra!

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No I'm 13 and I do and mine are just fine and not damaged

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No it is not bad to sleep without a bra. If you wish to sleep while wearing a bra that is your choice.

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Your mom was once your age: the age where you need one. Don't be afraid to ask her because she once had to do the same thing. But don't ask her when she is in a bad mood or when she is busy, or she will most likely say no. Start off with a training bra or sports bra, and then you can move on to padded ones or cupped ones once you are used to wearing a bra. Most Muslim moms do not want their girls to be wearing the padded bras or cup bras, at least when they first start wearing a bra. If she says no, she knows what is best for you.

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