Is myonal is also for migrain?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Is myonal is also for migrain?
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Is Myonal stronger than Baclofen?


How do you put the word 'migrain' in a sentence?

she had to be admitted to hospital to cure her intense migrain

Can one take mefenamic acid with Myonal muscle relaxant?


What is best for multiple headaches?

I also get frequent headaches, migrains as well. I use exedrin migrain as soon as the headache or migrain starts. Seems to help me, if your migrains keep getting you down I would get to a doctor ASAP.

Can you play sport with a migraine headache?

Yes, You can play with a migrain headache, but it will be very painfull. When you have a migrain you have: * A huge headache. * It makes you throw up. If you think you can put up with that then, your awners is yes, you can play sport with a migrain.

Where can one buy painkillers for a migrain headache?

You can find migraine headache treatments in your local retail store in the pharmacy section. You can also find home remedies to migraine headaches online at websites such as MayoClinic and WebMD.

How do you get rid of a bad migrain?

masterbait derr

What are the side effects of myonal tablets 50 mg when taken in?

Side effects of Myonal tablets taken at a 50-mg dosage may include edema and swelling, as well as itching. Other side effects may include headache, dizziness, and insomnia.

What is the most common type of headache?

That would be the migrain.

Does exercise help a migrain?

I wouldn't have thought so. Exercise will get your blood moving faster, and may make the migrain worse. The best thing to do is rest/sleep in a darkened room.

Is Advil good for milgrain?

yes it is good for a migrain because i know and its on the comertials

Why do you need to put your head between your knees when you have a headache?

So you can tell the if you have a migrain or a headache