Is mold covered under homeowners insurance?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Call your Insurance Agent, he or she should be able to advise you of your coverage.

You could also refer to your policy language and look for the terms "Mold or Fungi".

Bare in mind that many homeowners policies now exclude coverage for mold or fungi unless you opted to purchase additional coverage. Most Mold and fungi is considered a maintenance issue and coverage is provided through endorsement for an additional premium these days.

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Q: Is mold covered under homeowners insurance?
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Will homeowners insurance pay to remove mold?


Will homeowners insurance policy cover black mold removal?

Since the mid 1990's, All homeowners policies exclude coverage for mold, mildew and fungus. This is generally considered a maintenance issue or lack thereof unless the mold is resultant of a loss caused by a covered peril. Some companies do offer a mold coverage endorsement for an additional premium payment that can be added to the Homeowners insurance policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover mold removal under house caused by storm water running in?

The mold and water damage would not be covered if the storm water entered the home from the surface level of the home. If it came through the roof or windows it would be covered assuming the mold is not excluded. Some carriers have reduced limits for mold related remediation.

Who do you call if insco does not address your mold probem?

First off, no homeowners insurance has ever been made that covers mold. In the last few years due to litigation some companies have added a limited amount of mold coverage to their policy. Mold is a maintenance issue and should not be covered by homeowners insurance. The only reason that some are now is strictly because of one lawsuit by Ed McMann who sued his insurance company and ended up being awarded more that the home cost just because of who he was and the jury's incompetence. Homeowners insurance is made to cover items that are the result of covered causes only and basically incidents that are sudden and accidental. Because of this suit everyone's home insurance in the nation has increased. Many states have allowed companies to specifically exclude mold damage. Some have not. Even so mold is not a covered cause on any policy.

Will homeowners insurance cover mold removal?

You need to check with your home insurer if the cost for mold damage and restoration is covered because it depends on the policy you have. But most home insurers will cover the cost.

Your house has termite and roof damage and mold can the home insurance pay for it?

Most Homeowners Insurance Policies do pay roof repairs if damaged by a covered peril so long as its not a worn out roof or pre existing condition. Mold and Termite or other common household pests are not covered unless specified in the named perils or by endorsement. The best chance of getting Homeowners "All Risk" coverage is buy purchasing a Homeowners HOC or HO3 all risk policy.

How do you get homeowners insurance to pay for mold damage?

Mold is usually excluded from coverage. Read your policy; if same is not excluded, it is included.

What is mold remediation exclusion?

Mold remediation exclusion is usually a term used when referring to insurance. For example, an absolute mold remediation exclusion in an insurance policy would mean that mold remediation would not be covered by the insurance policy.

If your shower leaked and caused mold in the wall and wood do you need to report this to your insurance or fix it yourself?

I would keep quiet about it. Depending upon your state or local laws, the insurance company may be required by law to report mold problems to the proper authorities for professional remediation. Assuming the mold is severe, rip everything out right down to the studs. Replace the really bad studs. Replace the floor and sub-floor if you must. Good luck. If you have homeowners insurance, I would call your insurance company and ask if it's covered under your policy. If not, then you will have to DIY.

Will homeowners insurance pay for mold removal hidden under paint on ceiling of covered porch there at the time of purchase?

You'll have to refer to your policy language or consult with your agent. Most homeowners Insurance policies offered since the late 1990's automatically exclude coverage for mold or fungi and relegates back to a home maintenance issue. Also note the pre-existing conditions clause in your Home policy. The home Warranty purchased with most homes new and used, warrant property condition at the time of delivery.

Will your homeowners insurance cover black mold?

Most every Insurance policy in the United states now specifically exclude mold or damage resulting from mold. In order to get mold coverage you have to request that coverage be added to your policy if your Insurer offers it and pay the additional premium for it.

Is mold in basement covered by insurance?

Probably not unless you have a special Mold and Fungi coverage endorsement that you purchased along with your home insurance policy. Almost all home insurance policies these days exclude coverage for Mold and fungi.