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No, it is very common however most boys who do it this often are horny.

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Q: Is masterbatin twice a day bad for you?
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Is it bad to drink C4 twice a day Once in the morning once in the evening?

It is not bad to drink C 4 twice a day Once in the morning once in the evening if you are working out.

Is bad not to take a shower for 10 days?

That is very bad indeed. You should be showering every day. I shower twice a day.

Is Red bull and Viagra bad for you?

yes, if you drink it like twice a day.

If you only pump twice a day is that bad for you?

No it is not..but it might decrease your milk supply.

Twice a day?

Twicw a dah

Is it bad to tan in a tanning bed twice in one day?

Yes. It is recommended to tan no more than once a day.

What are bad for your teeth?

Fizzy drinks Sugar Brushing with old toothbrushes Not brushing twice a day

Does masterbatin make you not have kids?

no.There are lots of old wifes tales.Fertility depends on a healthy reproductive system and nothing else.

Do Chow Chow adults eat twice a day?

If it gets fed twice a day it will most likely eat twice day. It is recommended that adult dogs get fed twice a day and not once a day as this is easier on their digestion.

Twice a day dosage means?

Twice a day dosage means taking a medication or treatment two times within a 24-hour period, ideally spaced out evenly, such as once in the morning and once in the evening. This dosing schedule helps maintain consistent levels of the medication in the body for optimal effectiveness.

Is it you brush your tooth twice a day or you brush your teeth twice a day?

Teeth, you wouldnt just brush one tooth twice a day?

Is it better to feed a Boston Terrier once a day or twice?

Twice a day.