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Not as long as you practise safe sex, and give it a rest if anything gets tender or sore.

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Q: Is making love everyday bad in your health?
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No, its not bad for you, but it you afford to drink it everyday, then yes, it can affect your health.

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Depends what your sucking.

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I would say that this guy is not for you. True love isn't someone making you feel bad about yourself, he should love you for exactly who you are, because if he doesn't there is ALWAYS someone out there who will....someone who is right for you. I wish u all the love in the world

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What do you call a person making others look bad to get love for himself?


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Well, it sure ain't doing you any good. Although it depends on why you're having them. Some aren't really a health risk but more of a nuisance. Others are caused by real health issues, and you need to get those treated.

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I would wait a little to 'do it'