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no he is not he was invented by mrs wormwood and her mum bain but when Sarah Jane smith saw this boy she decided to look after him and called him luke smith and then after that luke started calling Sarah Jane mum .

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Q: Is luke smith really Sarah Jane son?
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When was Luke Smith - The Sarah Jane Adventures - created?

Luke Smith - The Sarah Jane Adventures - was created in 2007.

What is Lukes surname from Sarah Jane advenchers?

Luke's Surname is Smith and it is the same for sarah jane.

Where does sarah jane smith lives?

Sarah Jane Smith lives with her son Luke at 13 Bannerman Road in the London suburb of Ealing.

What is the real name of luke smith in Sarah Jane adventures?

Tommy Knight played in the role of Luke Smith .

Who plays luke in The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures?

Tommy Knight

Who plays luke smith in sarah jane adventures?

Tommy Knight .

Sarah Jane adventure actress?

Elizabeth Sladen plays Sarah Jane Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures.Thomas Knight plays Luke Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures.Daniel Anthony plays Clyde Langer in The Sarah Jane Adventures.Anjli Mohindra plays Rani Chandra in The Sarah Jane Adventures.Sorry! I must really sound like a dork or geek as I am so repetitive. I copied it of this wacko's website. He sucks!

Is luke smith from Sarah Jane adventcers real?

yes he is a person in real life and there would be a person called luke smith but no he does not real he is a fictional charicter

Who acts in the Sarah Jane adventures?

These are the four main characters: Series 1: Elisabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith Tommy Knight - Luke Smith Yasmin Paige - Maria Jackson Daniel Anthony - Clyde Langer Series 2-4: Elisabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith Tommy Knight - Luke Smith Anjli Mohindra - Rani Chandra Daniel Anthony - Clyde Langer

Are Maria Jackson and Luke Smith from The Sarah Jane Adventures girlfriend and boyfriend?

No. They're just friends.

What school does luke smith go to in the Sarah Jane series?

Luke attended Park Vale Comprehensive School for the first three series of The Sarah Jane Adventures until series four where he attended Oxford a year earlier than planned.

Is Luke from Sarah Jane really made from a bane for real life?

No, its just a television programme.