Is looking between legs good

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Is looking between legs good
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What does it mean when your friend says what you looking at?

He/she thinks your looking at there butt. Chest or between there legs for female or butt or between legs for male

Why do guys make fun of my legs and girls think i have good looking legs to be a guy?

If guys make fun of your good looking legs they are probably jealous that the girls like them.

Mushroom looking mole in between your legs what is it?

It's a penis

How do you get good looking legs?

Sand them with fine grit sandpaper and then apply two coats of good varnish.

Why do guys always look at my legs?

they look at ur legs cause they wanna see if they r good looking not fat and not skinny

What is good for galded between the legs?

baby powder vasaline and air

How do you tell the difference between male and female millipedes?

by looking at the 7 leg if its legs are invisable its a male if not female

Love between brothers and sisters?

that is bad because the baby can come out looking weird like 4 arms and legs

How do you pass the ball between your legs in basketball?

you have to kindda push your hand through your legs and have a good hand-eye coordination, then eventually you'll get it but in the course just keep practicing while sitting down and practice while not looking; it will really help when you dont look. I know this because i just do. =)

How do you know if your alien baby toy is a girl or a boy?

look in between its legs and if its got a lump its a boy if it hasn't its a girl

Why do doctors use stirrups?

When a doctor wants to exam the pubic area (between the legs), the stirrups hold the feet up and bends the legs at the knee. He can sit on a stool and get close to see what he is looking for.

What are some good strechs for cheerleading?

A good stretch for cheerleading is the butterfly, lunge, any sort of arm stretch, and esspecially stretching the legs and the muscles between the legs! Hope i could help! Sabrina