Is konan in love with pein?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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I heard that Konan and Pein make a great couple, but in Naruto Shippuden, Pein dies without Konan saying she liked Pein, there is no proof.

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Q: Is konan in love with pein?
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Who Does Konan love?

Konan love Nagato(also known as Pain or Pein)

Did pein and konan ever kiss?

No, Pein does not like (as in romantically) like Konan.

Did nagato loved konan?

yes, but i think konan don't like hein one episode ( i forget the number ) Deidara was lookin for konan all the timebut i mostly think konan like pain other than deidara

What is pein last name?

he is from the rain village and he grew up with konan and yahiko.peins parents died,some leaf villagers killed them and then pein used his rinnegan and they died and now he is an akatsuki with konan.HE IS THE LEADER OF AKATSUKI

Does Pein die?

Yes, Nagato (Pein), does die, but on his own. Naruto masters Sage Techniques, and is now able to go into Sage Mode. However, he mastered it better than Jiraya, and can do it without and major charges to his body. Using Sage Mode, he defeats Pein's six bodies, and searches for the real Pein. When he finds him, he chooses to go by Jiraya's teachings, and let Pein survive. Pein tells Naruto his story about why he is in so much pain, and Naruto still goes by Jiraya's teachings. Pein is touched by this, and gives life back to everyone who died in Konoha. Then, Pein dies because of the condition of his body. As a result, Konan quits the Akatsuki.Yes, Pein does die. Personally i found it sad, because his last words were to Naruto. And he didn't finish his sentence:"Naruto... this... is what you must face... The book... and you... It's like... someone... set this all up... Or... maybe... this... is... the hand of the real god... My role is over now... Naruto... you... can really--"After his death Konan encases Nagato (Pein) and Yahiko's (the Deva path) bodies in paper and takes them back to Amegakure to be buried. She pledges Amegakure's allegiance to Naruto on behalf of Nagato, giving him a bouquet of origami flowers as a memento.

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Does pein love konan?

Pein loves Konan. Konan loves Pein. He loves both of his team mates. Pein confesses and dies! But in a romantically since no! Konan might have romantic feelings for Yahiko

Is konan a form of pein?

No Konan is not form of pein she is an actual person.

Is konan pein's girlfriend?

Nope. Konan is Pein's partner in the Akatsuki.

Who is Pein's partner?

Konan is Pein's partner.

Who Does Konan love?

Konan love Nagato(also known as Pain or Pein)

Is pein relatedto konan?

No. He is not.

Will konan marry pein?

Nope. She will not beause Pein is dead.

How does Jaraiya know Konan?

Konan used to be Jariya's student long with Pain( Nagoto) and Yahiko.Konan, Pein, and yahiko were Jiraya's students. Jiraya left them. They were orphans at the rain village. Pein and Konan used to be good until yahiko died. Pein went crazy afterwards and Konan followed.

Was konan sad when pein died?


Is pein and konan together?

They are siblings, not lovers.

Does Pein have a girlfriend?

yes pein's girlfriend is konan no one knows that they are secret lovers

What formality does Konan use after Pein's name?