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I've never heard of organs coming out, but I do know that excessive vomiting will rot your teeth (stomach acids eat away the enamel) and you could damage your heart from the repeated strain. My friends son's girlfriend died at 19 from heart problems caused by Bulimia.

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Q: Is it true if you make yourself vomit enough times your organs can come out?
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No. If you have an eating disorder and that is why you asked this question, PLEASE get help. You can PERMANENTLY damage your esophagus, stomach, liver, kidneys, heart, and other organs by forcing yourself to vomit. Please see the Related Link below.

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Probably, but you should stay clear of it - making yourself vomit damages your esophagus and you might actually give yourself ulcers and have to have surgery.

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Or vomit.

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allergy and sometimes pregnancy at an early stage .

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do you make yourslef vomit??? that's called anorexia. or maybe bulemia. if u don't make yourself, but you just do, see a doctor. how long has it been going on??

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