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Q: Is it put things on your mind or put thing in your mind?
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What things were considered indestructible but were destroyed?

The Titanic's the first thing that springs to mind :-)

How do you get the pok flute?

u do the thing with the other thing and then put the things together

What do you do when you have a thousand things on your mind?

try and relax, try and do things step by step , put the important things first , but whatever you do , do not get stressed .It's the worst thing for it. When you've had enough sit down, make your self a warm drink and enjoy whats on TV.

What is the thing you put plug things in the wall?


What to say to a girl if you are shy?

Just put all the shyness into the back of your mind because obviously if you are getting really shy things are going to be running through your mind so best thing to do is push it to the back of your head and go for it say what you like to her.

What does having an external focus mean?

the thing you're working on it and put all your mind on it

How do you pick up things with your mind?

ok i know how to pick a object with your mind first you have to feel the object with your mind and then you think were you going to put it (but i tired that and its hard to feel with your mind)

What are some things that can poison the mind?

Some things that are pisonous are: hairspray, led, and any other thing with acid or chemicals in them

Is the correct phrase put in mind or put on mind?

Put in mind.

What is the main idea of why old possum has a bare tail?

If you put your mind into something,you can do any thing

What is put first thing first?

it means to do the things you need to do first then you can do the fun things next

What is the thing called to put things on your psp?

That would be the Memory Stick.