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Q: Is it okay to use Zantac long term?
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Can dogs take Zantac?

Why would dogs have to take Zantac? how would you know if they had excess stomach acid? Yes dogs can use Zantac but would only recomend it is used under veterinary supervision. If your dog has a stomach ulcer or acid reflux then zantac can help. some breeds such as Alsations or Poodles can suffer from "stomach bloat" which can be very painful for a dog and zantac syrup can help that. DO NOT give zantac without consulting your vet as the amounts to give are not same as with a human. I have been prescribed zantac syrup for my Llhasa Apso who has a stomach ulcer and it helps a lot. just look up the dosage online

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Can you use a p75 pill for a toothach?

It is Zantac a stomach medicine. No good as a pain killer.

How long can you take Omeprazole?

You can take it as long as you need to take it. The over the counter box limits it to 14 days because the thinking is that if you need it longer you should see your doctor to find out what is wrong. Also, there is a rebound in acid production after chronic use so you may not need it anymore long term but may have to put up with some short term symptoms or step down to a medication like Zantac for a few weeks in order to get off.

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Long term use of Acetaminophen can effect your liver. More at link.

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