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Everybody is different once it comes to sleep. Most researchers agreed upon 8 hours asleep at night time is healthy as long as the quality of sleep is good.


Absolutely correct. Some people need more sleep than others. Anywhere between 2 and 10 hours.

As an adult 6 to 8 is normal but not a requirement.

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Q: Is it okay to only get seven hours of sleep?
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How many hours do elephants sleep?

how many hours of sleep does a elephant sleep

Is it okay to go to the gym with only six hours of sleep?

Opinion only: Different people have different sleeping requirements. If six hours of sleep is close to your normal or average sleeping habit and you feel fine, I see no harm in going to the gym on this one occasion. If during your exercises, you feel weak or tired; simply return home and sleep or try to relax.

When is it okay to do a science lab without goggles?

Sleep experiments only.

How many hours of sleep does one get in 180 days if they only sleep 7 hours a day?

1,260 hours in total.

Which function is used for sleep in c language?

sleep(time in seconds)(Note: your computer won't actually sleep, only wait, if that's okay with you.)

What animals sleep 48 hours?

None.The only animal that can sleep 32-40 hours is the bear. Except for when they are hibernating, in which case they can sleep for months.

How many hours of sleep should a 59 year old female require?

As a person gets older they require less hours of sleep and can actually function better on a lower number of hours. Typically when you get older you have a harder time sleeping and only get about 4-6 hours of sleep a night.

What can you do to sleep only for 3 hours?

Set an alarm clock for three hours

Do giraffes sleep five minutes a day only?

they sleep about 4.6 hours a day

Is it okay to get your first kiss on the lips when you are only eleven or twelve?

sure.why not as long as you dont sleep with him/her.

How many hours do giraffe sleep?

Giraffes only sleep for 1.9 hours which is one of the shortest sleeping times that any animal needs.

How many hours of sleep do astronauts get each night?

They get less than 8hrs. only about 6hrs. of sleep