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Q: Is it ok not to move in your sleep?
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Why do you move a lot in your sleep?

You move in your sleep according to what you're dreaming about

Is it ok to sleep without any underwear on under pj's?

It is absolutely OK to sleep without pajamas or underwear. Nobody likes to feel restricted when they sleep.

Why do you grunt in your sleep?

because you do ok

Is it ok for a girl to sleep over at guys house?

yes its perfectly ok for a girl to sleep at a guys house, its just not ok for them to do anything sexual or anything considered inappropriate

Why you need energy when you sleep?

Because you move a lot when you sleep, To move you need energy so you need energy to sleep.

Do you have to have a bed for your child to sleep in or is it ok to make them sleep on the floor?

I assume this is a joke?

How do tigers move eat and sleep?

Tigers move by getting up and sleep and eat in the shades

Is it ok for a child to sleep with their divorced parent?

A child doens't get a divorce from their parent. Yes, it always ok for a child to sleep in the same bed with their parent.

How long after you can sleep on your cartilage piercing?

If the pain of sleeping on it is tolerable then it should be ok to sleep on it.

Is it ok to sleep without underwear?

Yes, it is ok to sleep without underwear because it may be more comfortable for some people and you're in the privacy of your bed.

Where is sleep powder in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Sleep powder is a move that can be learned by most grass type Pokemon sleep powder is not a move taught by a regular move tutor nor is it a TM you can though teach the Pokemon sleep powder if it can learn it from the super move tutor on two island.

Is it ok to sleep naked with your older cousin?

No. it is not okay.