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Q: Is it normal to feel sexually aroused during menopause?
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Is it normal to feel sexually aroused during my period?

It is normal to feel like you want to have sex on your period. A woman's hormones are going wild when on their period.

Is normal to be sexually aroused by ham?

Normally, no. That would be an abnormal attraction to ham.

Is it normal for your penis to become erect when you read sex articles?

Yes, it is, if the man is sexually aroused from the reading.

Is it normal to be aroused by your aunt during puberty?

During Puberty it is normal to be aroused by nothing inparticular and anything ! Getting aroused is something you will begin to control as you get older. It can be embarrassing for a pubescent teenager though. Try not to let it show.

Do breast's harden during or after sex?

The breasts do become slightly enlarged and firm during the excitement stage of sexual arousal, but the change is usually pretty slight, and they go back to normal once she isn't sexually aroused anymore.

Is it normal to be extremely aroused during the third trimester?

Yes its quite common.

When my girlfriend comes round and you kiss alot my penis swells is this normal?

It's absolutely normal--you're sexually aroused by stimulation (kissing, touching, etc.) with someone you find attractive.

Is discharge normal during menopause?

ewww NO, What the! Get that checked out freak!

When women get sexual feeling the white gland comes out that cause affected in pregnant delay?

So we had a bit of a problem deciphering your question so we have come up with some options to what you might mean.#1: "When sexually aroused white discharge comes out and will that cause me not to get pregnant?"No it will not prevent you from getting pregnant. When aroused the natural lubrication can turn white and that is completely normal. Lubrication is important in sexual intercourse since it makes it easier for the penis to move back and forth. And an orgasm even makes it easier for a woman to get pregnant.#2: "When a woman get sexually aroused the clitoris comes out and can that cause delay in pregnancy?No, the clitoris gets erect when a woman is sexually aroused and that is completely normal and has nothing to do with fertility.If you mean that it would cause delay of sexual arousal when pregnant it can be the hormones that makes you not sexually aroused. That is common during pregnancy. The hormones run wild and things can change from one day to another.If your question had nothing to do with what I just answered please ask a new one.

What does it mean when your boyfriend gets a boner for you?

It means that he's sexually attracted to you, or that you may have done something that has "turned him on" (aroused him). If you feel uncomfortable with this then tell him to hide it, or move away from him - either or, you've aroused him which is what that means. Could it mean he loves you Could it mean your boyfriend loves you Please reply

What if i get sexually turned on during a prostate exam?

It's pretty normal, actually.

Is it normal to not get sexually aroused at the age of 12?

Yes its is normal. When your a teenager, you aren't quite sure of yourself, your sexuallity or even you as a person! Sure its not as common not to be sexually aroused when your a teenager, but that doesnt mean its abnormal. if your realy that worried about it, try masturbation or just wait it out. it will happen eventually.