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No, it is not normal. You have something called Testicular Atrophy, which means your Testicles are shrinking due to excessive self masturbation. Pubic hair which are much lighter in color is a symptom which in the early stages of EA. Please consult a doctor as soon as possible as this disease is highly treatable and irreversible. Good luck.

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Q: Is it normal that the hair directly on my testes are much lighter in colour than all my other hair?
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Three testes is normal?

False. Two testes in normal.

Is normal for to have have no feeling in your testes?

It is not normal to feel numb or have no feeling in the testes. You should see a doctor if it persists.

Which testes other than the thalassemia are required before getting married?

Usually the groom is expected to have normal testes, but it is not always necessary.

Why do men have ballsacs?

The testes need to be kept at a temperature that is just shy of body temperature. The normal textbook body temperature is 98.6, the testes need to be kept at about 96.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

What cell becomes a sex cell?

A normal body cell transfers to the testes and become a sex cell.

Why does anabolic steriods cause testes to shrink?

AAS (Anabolic/Androgenic) Steroids can cause testes to shrink because artificial testosterone is introduced into the body which causes the testes to stop producing natural testosterone. This is called testicular atrophy, usually after someone stops using the steroid the body will start to produce natural testosterone again after this testes should return to normal size.

Vein that drains the ovaries or testes?

In either case there is a bed of veins called the pampiniform plexus which directly drain the organs blood supply. The plexus then drains into discreet veins; from the ovaries, the ovarian veins and from the testes, the testicular veins. These discreet veins connect directly to the inferior vena cava.

What is Pertaining to the testes?


What culture media do treponema pallidum grow on?

Treponema pallidum is not grown under normal laboratory conditions, but in rabbit testes.

How do you decrease testis size?

In any male animal the testes will grow to an average size during adolescence and that is normal and their size can not be reduced. If however one of your testes (a testis) has recently enlarged, you should go and see a qualified medical practitioner (A Doctor) as soon as possible. This is not normal and can have a variety of causes most of which need treatment.

Can men reproduce after the removal of pituitary gland?

Yes. However, decrease in libido and/or erectile dysfunction are common. Complete impotence may also accompany this disorder. The most important male hormone, testosterone, is produced primarily by the testes in men. High levels of adrenal steroids such as cortisol in Cushing's syndrome can directly suppress the ability of the testes to make testosterone. In addition, high levels of cortisol and related hormones also interfere with the ability of the normal pituitary gland to secrete LH and FSH, the two pituitary hormones needed for normal male reproductive function.

What is the synonym of testes?

Testicles is the synonym for testes.