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Yes. Very normal. Don't do it.

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Q: Is it normal if you gag when you stick your tongue far out?
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Which of method should the nurse use to test the gag reflex?

have the patient stick out his tongue and move it from side to side

What is a cleave gag?

A gag is a device designed to prevent speech, often as a restraint to stop the subject calling for help by disallowing the tongue, jaw and/or lips to move in normal patterns of speech. A cleave gag is a type of gag in which a cloth or a scarf is pulled between the lips of the subject.

What does it mean if you gag when doctors use the tongue depressor?

Nothing. It is an automatic response to the tongue depressor.

How to generate more saliva?

You can stick your tongue under neathe your teeth in that little spot and your mouth will automatically start to produce more saliva or you can make yourself gag that works too.

Reflex that stops us from choking?

It is called the "gag reflex." It is really one of the body's defense mechanisms to prevent foreign matter from entering the esophagus. You may have experienced this at the doctor's office when they place the tongue depressor far back on your tongue.

Why do you gag after drinking coffee?

that's the caffeine going up your bloodstream into your brain then your brain tells your tongue head and stomach to tingle then you start to gag.

What does it mean when a girl uses my finger to stick it down her throat and she me she doesnt have a gag reflex?

It obviously means that she doesn't have a gag reflex, and how did she show you that with your finger?

How far back should you pierce your tongue?

A tongue piercing should be placed about 0.5-0.6 inches (1.3-1.5 cm) back from the tip of the tongue to avoid damaging teeth or causing speech issues. It should be done by a professional piercer who can accurately determine the ideal placement based on individual anatomy.

Why do some people throw up after tongue kissing?

because the other person may have activated their gag reflex.

What is gap reflex?

gap reflex is gag reflex spelled incorrectly. gag reflex (or pharyngeal reflex) is a reflex contraction of the back of the throat, evoked by touching the soft palate and occasionally the back of the tongue.

What size length is the tongue stud when you first have your tongue pierced i want to have my tongue pierced buti have a slight gag relex what size do they put in the hole how long is it?

The initial tongue stud typically used during piercing ranges from 16mm to 22mm in length. This specific size is selected to accommodate swelling that may occur after the piercing. Your piercer will take your anatomy and comfort into consideration to ensure a proper fit. If you have concerns about your gag reflex, it's advisable to communicate this with your piercer beforehand so they can make adjustments as needed.

Where can i find trammell rosie gag bits online?

The only place you can get trammell rosie gag bits online would be at As far as searching goes this is the only online website to carry trammell rosie gag bits and sell them.