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it may be because your pregnant, if you dont wanna buy a test then you can buy a NEW UNUSED bar of soap and pee on it, if you pee on it and it bubbles then your not pregnant, dont hold me to this i just read it somesomewhere.

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Q: Is it normal if a 15 yr old misses her perids by 2 months?
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Is it normal if a 15 yr old misses her periods by 2 months?

It could be normal if a 15 year old misses her periods by 2 months, particularly if menstruation has only recently begun. Certain changes to lifestyle can bring about missed periods. If this is an ongoing occurrence, it would be wise to seek medical advice.

Is it normal if a 12 year old girl misses her period for two or more months?

As long as you're not sexually active and have recently started to have periods it is not uncommon for them to be irregular. If you're worried talk to your mum or gp

Is it normal if a 12 year old girl misses her period for two months?

it is totally normal!im 13 and i started when i was 11 and i missed 5 months it is just happening because your body is under alot of pressure and your cycle isn't used to going every month, wait it out. i was on birth control for hormone inbalance and i had a period continually for 4 months. we though i had cancer but i would out that its normal it just isn't used to all these new changes. hope this helps.

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it is definitely okay. that is the normal age to start