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Maybe if there growing or if u have been kissing someone..or else its not normal and you need to go see a doctor also if you get a shot for it to go numb it is normal

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Q: Is it normal for the lip to go numb?
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Is it normal after you get bitten by a horse fly for your leg to go numb?

no it should not be numb

What do you do when your lip is numb?


Can a side labret cause lip numbness?

For a short time after it's pierced, it might feel numb or tingly. It's not normal if you've had it pierced for quite awhile and it's still numb.

Is it normal for your lip to be numb 2 days after a lip biopsy?

To ensure your health you may want to contact the doctor's office who performed your procedure. Normally numbness wears off within a day.

Is it bad to get a lip piercing when your lip is numb?

No they don't numb the needle. It doesn't even hurt it just burns a bit. Remember no smoking or drinking till it heals.

Do they numb your lip before you get your lip pierced?

Nope. They just pierce it. Anything they could use to numb your lip would cause it to swell up, making it hard to pierce you accurately. Besides, it doesn't hurt very much.

Is it normal for testicles to be numb on one side?

It is not normal for one side of the testicles to be numb.

Why is my bottom lip numb at times?

Your bottom lip might be numb at times because you have nerve damage. This might be the result of an accident like getting hit in the face with a baseball for example.

Do they numb your lip when you peirce your lip?

It depends on the shop. Some shops do it, some don't. It's just a lip piercing, only takes a second, you can do it :]

What is the normal gauge of a lip piercing?

14g is normal for a male lip piercing, 16g is normal for a female lip piercing.

What if you pierced your lip with an earing and after it was numb?

You made an incredibly dumb mistake. That earring will be very uncomfortable/damaging against your gums/teeth. Not to mention how unsanitary that is. Take it out asap. Save up and go to a legitimate piercer.

Is it normal to feel numb after a cut?

Yes it is normal.