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if you mean discharge by the clear jelly like substance coming out of the vagina then yes.It's just a girls bodu cleaning itself.

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Q: Is it normal for a girl to have a lot of discharge during puberty?
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How long after you start having discharge does your period start?

It's impossible to say when your period will start following getting discharge. Discharge starts as a girl enters puberty, everyone develops differently during puberty but typically we say that a girl will reach menarche within four years of starting puberty.

What ages does discharge start?

Around puberty, before a girl gets her period.

You are thirteen and there is white stuff in your panties what is it?

discharge. it's normal for a teenage girl who's gone through puberty to have discharge in her underwear. it just means that your vagina is cleaning itself. you can wear a liner though so that it doesn't get into your underwear.

How long after discharge does your period start?

There is no direct correlation between starting to experience discharge and menarche (first period) per say - starting to get discharge is one of many changes that occurs during puberty, and menarche is just one other change. Typically a girl will start to menstruate within four years of starting puberty, so if she has started to get discharge menarche will likely start within those four years.

What change of girl during the period of adolescent?


If a girl has normal discharge and has sex without condom can the guy get the discharge too?

Normal discharge means NO INFECTIONS - in this case men cannot have discharge after sex BUT if the origin of discharge is sexually transmitted infections - YES, men can get it after sex.

When does the blood sheds from vagina for the girl to start puberty?

Puberty starts before the menstruation does. When a girl get her period varies so I can not tell you when you will get yours but it is whenever during puberty.

Does everyone go through that chubby stage during puberty?

yes, it is called bloating and happens to every girl during puberty

Why should a boy and girl not feel about the changes that may happen to him or her during puberty?

It is normal for that change that you go through. It is also normal to have a sensations when you are feeling good in that spot it is all normal that is the way you know that you are going through a change.

Is it normal for a girl to have a white stuff come from their veinas?

Yes, it's called discharge. Every girl has that.

Is it normal for a guy to finger a girl when she has discharge?

No you may want to call a doctor

Do your hips hurt when you go through puberty?

Actually if your a girl it would but for guys its not normal to