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Looking for answers to illegal increase in insurance premium by local company. Are there legal procedures that must be followed before an increase is allowed? Need answers a.s.a.p.


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Q: Is it illegal to increase auto insurance premiums without notification to the insured?
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Is it legal for agents to pay policyholder's premiums on insurance policies?

That is called rebating and it may or may not be illegal in your state. Check with your local department of insurance.

Is it illegal for a homeowners insurance company to drop you?

No, it is not illegal for a homeowners insurance company to drop you. But they have to follow the rules for cancellations and non-renewals for the state they are operating in. For example, in Louisiana, if you have been with your homeowners insurance company for 3 years, they can't drop you. In Florida your homeowners insurance company can drop or cancel you but they must meet the minimum notification timeframes.

What are vanishing premiums?

Before it was made illegal, some insurance agents used a sales pitch for universal life insurance that suggested the premiums could vanish. The pitch went like this: You start out by putting a large, lump sum into the universal life policy. The policy has the potential for making money

Does paypal take money out with out notification on eBay?

Nope..... that would be illegal

How many points are assessed for making an illegal you-turn in Florida?

Making an illegal u-turn in Florida falls under moving violations and will add 3 points to a person's license. This violation may also cause the person's car insurance premiums to increase.Ê

Can a company take money out of a employees accout with out notification?

no this is illegal and wrong shame on you im callinrg the cops

Is it illegal for someone to sell your personal belongings without notification if you owe them rent?

It is illegal for someone to sell your personal belongings without notification if you owe them rent. In most cases, you must have notice of eviction and a judgment against you for the amount of rent owed in order for the person to sell your belongings.

Can you get auto insurance for a previous year?

When you are obtaining quotes for auto insurance, this insurance provider will give you quotes effective the date you request. The date requested must be either the date of the quote, or a date sometime in the future. If you are requesting for auto insurance for a previous year, chances are you are trying to get proof of insurance for a period of time you did not actually have insurance. Insurers will not do this as it will put their company at risk for paying claims they should not be covering. Even if you are willing to pay backdated premiums, no insurance company will backdate a policy because it is both illegal and risky for them.

Is it illegal to purchase a car and leave the dealership with no insurance?

It depends on the location but it is almost always illegal to drive the car away without insurance.

Is it illegal for insurance investigators to go through your mail?

If they don't have your permission, it is entirely illegal.

Is it legal to derestrict?

It's not illegal to deristrict a bike as long as you inform your insurane company that your bike is modified or else your insurance will be void. Then you'll be with out insurance which is illegal...

Is it illegal to not have insurance on your home and someone is injured in your home?

No it is not