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For a woman, I am sure it is healthier to avoid underwear whenever possible as this keeps the area around the vagina properly ventilated and less prone to conditions which encourage 'female problems' (urine infections etc). For many women, the idea of going without underwear might be 'desirable' but modern clothing makes it impractical. Going without underwear requires the women to dress with skirts or dresses only, and these must be long enough to preserve modesty, and warm enough to keep the cold at bay. You also have to get used to wearing long socks or stockings, which can be a real culture shock. It can be done, and for those who suffer with recurrent 'female problems' it can bring real and permanent relief, but it needs determination. You still have to wear underwear or a sanitary belt during your period, but you soon learn how to keep this to a minimum.

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Q: Is it healthier not to wear underwear?
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