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This question is regarding masturbation, mainly. In general, masturbation is good for you, and most guys masturbate daily. But there is no rule that says you have to masturbate daily to be healthy. It works like this: Listen to your body. When you get really horny and need to masturbate, then masturbate. If you do that, you are paying attention to your body, and that is healthy.

*** Old Answer: My daddy said it would make me go blind. I stopped when i had to start wearing glasses.

Comment: I can't tell if this person is being serious or not. Masturbation does *not* hurt your eyesight, cause your penis to shrink or grow, or any other nonsense like that. It just feels really awesome and greatly relieves sexual tension. Unless you are masturbating so much your penis starts to hurt, or you aren't getting your homework done because of too much masturbating, don't worry about it. Every other guy out there masturbates, too.

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Q: Is it good for health to discharge daily?
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Daily maturation is good health?

Daily maturation, also known as maturing, is good for your health and life.

Is having daily vaginal discharge normal?

Yes it is normal to have vaginal discharge daily. A milky colored discharge is normal discharge

Is daily sex good 4 health?

it's very good and releases the stress.

How many blueberries daily for good health?

I would say 20-55.

If have daily only curd rice does it will effect to the health?

It will not be good for your health. Eating just one food, no matter what food it is, will harm your health.

Can HPV cause brown discharge?

HPV does not cause brown discharge unless the cervix is severely affected. See your health care provider if you are having unusual discharge.

Why would a nipple piercing smell?

Nipple piercings like any other piercing will smell due to the lymphatic discharge that builds up inside the piercing. This discharge ( a whitish substance ) needs to be rinsed from the piercing daily, this is a combination of body oils that, like any other natural oils will break down as it warms and generate an odour. Just like arm pits and the groin area, piercings need to be washed with soap and water daily to maintain good hygiene and piercing health.

Is cheese good for health?

Cheese gives you some of your daily calcium. But in other words it has a ton of fat in it!!

1 easy and small fact about nutrition?

Eat 5 fruits and veggies daily for good health!

Is Females vaginal white discharge good for a men health?

White discharge means you have an infection probably yeast infection. Otherwise healthy discharge should be clear and not too much to fill a pad but that which can be controlled with a pant liner.

What does different types of viginal discharge tell you?

About your vaginal health.

What is a good sentence with discharge?

Please do not discharge your weapon in the house.