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The choice is yours! I prefer showers, as I take them every day before school. It's just a faster way to get clean than how it takes a little for a bath.

It's better to take a shower because when you take a bath you are just bathing in dirty water that you just washed off your body and showers are just clean water falling on you.

It is better to take a 5 minute shower. This saves water.

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Q: Is it better to take a shower or a bath?
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Which is Better for environment bath or shower?

It depends on the shower heads, bath heads, and the person. If you take a long shower, and use little water for a bath, bath is better. If you use a lot of water for a bath and take short showers with water saving heads, a shower would be better.

What you might take to get clean?

Take a shower or a bath

What is better for you a bath or shower?

A shower because you save more water. Also when you take a bath you sit there in your own wet dirt.

Should you use a shower insted of a bath?

It is much safer to take a bath than a shower cause in the shower you can slip so I would bath

Which is better for the environment bath or shower?

Shower - it uses less water

Should you take a bath or a shower?

A shower! So you don't soak in dirty bath water!

After workout should take a bath or shower?

If it is a normal workout, then a shower is best in my opinion. However, if there is extreme soreness, or you feel there may me some muscles that were strained, a good hot bath would be better.

Do it take less water to take a shower or a bath?

It depends how long it takes you to shower

Do egyptians take a shower or a bath?

they take neither a shower nor bath they just dip them self in the ole river or other rivers

What consume more water shower or bucket bath?

A long shower will take more water than a bath, but a bath will usually use more water than a short shower.

What you might take to get clean .Add two letters from show?

It is to take a shower.

Is it normal not to take a shower or a bath for some time?

it is not normal... it is gross if you don't take a bath or shower for a long time because you will smell and be gross.