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Aleve (naproxen sodium) is an NSAID. Tramadol (tramadol hydrochloride) is an opiod receptor, serotonin releaser, and norepinephrin reuptake inhibitor. There is no contraindication listed that would prohibit taking one of each if prescribed by your doctor.

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Q: Is it bad to take 1 Aleve and 1 Tramadol at the same time your Doctor told you to take this?
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Can i take aleve with tramadol.?

You must ask your doctor or a chemist.

Is it ok to take one Aleve if you took one tramadol 50mg?

Yes they can but if you know what's good for you pls stay away from tramadol, this drug has made my life a nightmare. Yeah it works for the pain but the withdrawl symptoms that comes when you stop taking it are pure hell!

Can I take Ambien and Aleve together?

can u take soma and aleve together

Can you take tramadol and metaxalone?

Not unless a Doctor has told you to do this.

Can you take tramadol and skelaxin together?

can you take skelaxin at the same time you are taking tramadol

Can you take one tramadol and one an hour later?

No you should not take tramadol this close together unless you have been advised to do this by your Doctor.

Can you take Aleve and plaquinil?

There are no listed interactions between Aleve and Plaquenil. If you plan to take both Aleve and Plaquenil, it would be best to consult with a doctor or pharmacist dosage instructions and possible interactions.

Can Aleve be taken with Wellbutrin?

I can say this about that . . . I am on daily wellbutrin, and my doctor advised me to take Aleve for a very sore Achilles tendon earlier this year. Take from that what you will . . .

Can you take panadol and tramadol together?

it would be best to consult a doctor but yes you can take panadol with tramadol. but for anyone reading this tramadol is a b***h to withdraw from. how i know this i have been on tramadol on two separate occasions and both times i was told by doctors that i can take tramadol with panadol for extra pain relief.

Can you take two tramadol 50mg instead of one for pain?

No, you cannot take two tramadol 50mg instead of one for pain. It is important to always take the correct prescription from a doctor.

Can you take tramadol if you are allergic to sulfa?

There should be not problem taking tramadol. Demerol is meperidine, and is a narcotic pain medicine. Tramadol is not similar enough to meperidine to trigger a reaction. Remember that tramadol will make you lightheaded and sleepy. Take it just as your doctor ordered and don't take extra.

Can Tramadol and Hydrocodone be used in same day?

Yes absolutely. That is how my doctor prescribed it and it how i have taken it. I was told to wait 4-6 hours before more mixing. Do not take them at the same time.